Order Process
Building a website is similar to building a house in that you build it once and it lasts you a life time.
So Build Wisely.
Most Website Orders Follow 5 Steps:
1) Find & Order Domain Name - Start Here
Please visit our domain search utility to find available domain for your business. For SEO purpose try to find domain that contains keywords related to your business. For example if a company does carpet cleaning, then domain “bestcarpetcleaning.com“ describes well their business and contains proper keywords. Where's if they were to register “blueskycleaning.com“, down the road it might be quite challenging to optimize their website.
2) Select & Order Website Foundation - Start Here
Please visit our website foundations page to select website foundation that is right for your business. We always recommend starting with Custom Designed & Programmed Website since it offers great flexibility, and as your business grows, it can easily be upgraded to MySQL driven website. Where’s template based websites will need to undergo complete redesign which is expensive and time consuming.
Graphic designer will contact you in order to determine your design preferences.
3) Submit text content for each page of your website.
No one knows your business better then you are. So please send us text content for your “Home“ page, “About Us“ page, your “Services“ page... We will use text provided in order to compile images and page layout.
4) Review Your Design.
We will provide you with special login details for you to review and make changes to your design. When you are satisfied with feel and look of your website, we will start programming.
5) Order Hosting & Go live - Order Hosting Here
Please select from one of our hosting plans. When you pay us for hosting, your website will go live. If you subscribe to $14.95 Web Support hosting, we will be happy to do minor changes to your website for free.