What is Search Engine Optimization

Today many small to mid-size companies have a notion that getting SEO done for their website will bring endless amount of clients to their business - tomorrow. Although proper SEO will bring plenty of clients, the catch is that proper SEO and hard core marketing have so many things in common that there is hardly nothing that would distinguish the two. Just like good marketing is expensive and takes fair amount of time, so is well done SEO.

Search Engine Optimization really has two important steps.

First step is when a website is built, it does not have specific keywords that it is optimized to. Programmer needs to go in and embed those keywords. Things like setting up google analytics, search engine submissions, alt tags and meta tags are all part of the first step of SEO. Way too many companies are doing SEO today charging premium for this first step of SEO, while completely shying away from the second important step of Search Engine Optimization.

Second Stage of SEO is actually drilling down on those keywords by creating articles, videos, social network accounts, specific pages, blogs, and a lot more. This second stage of optimization will actually boost up your website in keyword ranking, and bring your business actual clients. At AIka Web we take care of first step of SEO professionally, creating solid foundation on which we can then develop second stage of Search Engine Optimization.

About SEO Foundation Plans.

SEO Foundation Plan is first step in Search Engine Optimization.

When websites are built they are not optimized to any keywords. Thus when search engines index website, search engine assumes what type of website it is, and picks out random words that it thinks would represent this website. End result is that website is placed very far behind in any keyword search.

Quick SEO Plan resolves this issue. We do keyword analysis and find keywords that would best describe content of the website. Out of selected potential keywords we select one that has fair amount of traffic, at the same time does not have overly competitive environment. Website is then optimized to that keyword. Next time search engines index your website, they will pick out the right keyword and place your website closer to the front of the search. Along with all that we are also providing you with traffic monitoring tools by integrating google analytics.

Next Step in Search Engine Optimization.

Every business wants to see real clients come from not so real world of “The Internet”. Many companies are misled thinking that a quick optimization will bring you exactly that. That is not the case, as with any business development, it takes time and a lot of effort. Second stage of SEO is to get word out about your business to world wide web, and link your marketing messages to keywords. Here is how this is done:

  • Article submissions to online newspapers and journals,
  • Creation of blog,
  • Setting up of Facebook page, twitter account, and other social media channels.
  • Creation of newsletter that is sent out on a monthly basis to all of your clients,
  • Creation of newsletter subscribe button on your website,
  • Writing at least two articles per month about your business and distributing them through article submission channels.
  • Creation of Youtube video channel and submitting a video at least every other month.
  • Doing pay per click and facebook ads.
Stage 2 of SEO takes time and a lot of effort, but it is this part that will serve company well in terms of generating new clients and help move your already optimized website to higher ranking positions.

When some companies read about the second step in SEO, they neglect the first step, thinking that it is not as important. This is not true... Website that has great social outreach, but lacks concentration on keyword, such website will never be first in line when people would search for a particular keyword. If business is to focus on stage 2 of SEO, and will want to go back to step 1, they will need to rework many of their articles by embedding their newly chosen keywords. It becomes a mess that you won’t want to be part of.

Second stage of web optimization does not have set price, and really depends upon industry, analysis of given website, and extent of social outreach that is desired. To start second stage of optimization please contact us.